Dental implant is one of the ideal options for any damaged or broken tooth. If you are having second thoughts about how implanted tooth might look, then your concern is understandable. However, an implanted tooth might look, feel and can functionally look similar to the natural teeth.

With oral surgery, you might have many questions hovering around you. Hence, it is essential for you to consult your oral doctor and clarify all your doubts before beginning the treatment. You should be updated with what you can expect from the surgery to avoid any disappointment later on after the implantation.

If you are having second thoughts regarding implantologie, it is always good to take second suggestion from nearby dental doctors, apart from one you have already consulted.

Here are some details for an individual new to dental implantation.

What exactly is dental implant?

A dental implant is a substitute procedure for tooth transplant and is made up of titanium. They provide secured anchor for artificial tooth replacement. This treatment usually helps in retaining the natural look and medically it also helps you prevent deterioration of bone.

Is it possible for the body to reject dental implantation?

Body rejection of dental implant is rare. Nonetheless, rejection can be caused by rare allergies that might take place against titanium alloy. Most chances of dental implants can be caused by carelessness after post-surgery.

Are dental implants noticeable?

In appearance, dental implants are not at all visible or can be recognised. The oral surgery will be carried out in a way where your implanted tooth will look similar to the colour and size of your teeth. Nonetheless, implants are carried out mainly focusing on to look as natural as possible. In addition to that, implants are performed with the intention of making it fit perfectly on your face.

How long dental implants last?

If proper care and maintenance is carried out, dental implants are believed to last for at least a decade. Though, there is no guarantee for it to last a lifetime. Apart from that, it can ensure you a high quality of durability and effectiveness.  Following the recommendations by your oral surgeon is the best way to make your implants last longer.

 Does your implant require any special kind of care?

In most of the cases, rest is suggested. Post care surgery is manageable with regular care and medication. However, if multiple surgeries are needed to be performed, then the after-effects of the implant can be a bit uncomfortable. However, with regular medication suggested by your oral surgeon, you can be relieved to an extent before it settles down totally.