Life in itself is beautiful with all its struggles. While some people take these challenges up and face the struggle of life with all their might, some people actually fail to show such strength. Sometimes their health makes them struggle with dealing with life. There are others who just tend to lose control over themselves and get into all sorts of things. Addiction usually comes from losing control on self or from the requirement to deal with something. Addictive substances have the capability to calm us down and make us feel relaxed. Though relaxation is necessary after a hard day, it should be with the help of addictive substances. Once the body gets depended on it, it becomes a challenge to stay apart from the substance. A person can be addicted to more than one substance as well. But it does not take long for the substances to start to show their effects on human body. Different addictive affect different part of the body. While alcohol and smoking both affect the heart, the former is harmful for liver and the latter is harmful for the lungs.

It is not always about only Physical Health

Addictive substances are popular for as coping mechanisms. While the person might feel to have better capability to cope with things in life, it is actually completely opposite. Though it might work during the initial days, slowly it takes away all powers and humane qualities. An addict becomes overly aggressive or could care no less about anything than getting intoxicated. These substances not only affect physical health but also mental health leaving the person more dependent on the substance.

The Escape Route

There is no other way than to fight back and get back the control on life all over again. Detox to Rehab is a process that might take a few months for some while other might need just one. Everything depends on the condition of the person fighting this war.