Mobility issues solved immediately when you have a stairlift installed


As you grow older, unplanned events can make life rather daunting. Be it dealing with bereavement, mounting bills, or often most terrifying, illness or a change in your physical condition.

You’ve been fit and active all your life and live in a typical terraced house. Suddenly getting up the stairs is a major obstacle, taking up lots of time and hurting your joints. It’s time for you to have installed one of the many new stairlifts in Luton that are available.

Plenty of choice

Stairlifts can be fitted into most houses and come in a wide range of style and design. If you are unsure if you wish to install a permanent device, or your mobility is only likely to impaired for a short while, you can rent a stairlift from most reputable dealers.

Why do I need a stairlift?

  • To prevent injury. Sitting in a motorised chair controlled remotely, is a lot safer than some seniors who are unsteady on their feet, tripping or missing a step.
  • You will become fully independent again. No more relying on others to assist you, as your pride and dignity is restored.
  • A rented stairlift following an injury will help you recover quicker and prevent any escalation of the damage already done.

If you are struggling with a short-term injuring or long-term mobility issues speak to the experts who will fit, you a stairlift in next to no time. Why struggle when you can be free to enjoy your house and everyday living as before.

Darek Jackson

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