Urinary Incontinence Surgery – Gives you a quality life


Urinary incontinence surgery is a procedure that can be performed in the urology department of your hospital. It is most often done on people with stress urinary incontinence or urge urinary incontinence. This blog post will discuss how it affects the quality of life and what you should know before undergoing this procedure!

Quality of Life Impact:

Life is impacted significantly with urinary incontinence surgery. Before having a surgical procedure, the patient lives in fear that they will lose control at any moment and be humiliated by their condition. Also, it can lead to anxiety, depression, and even social isolation from friends and family members who do not understand why someone would choose this option over other, less invasive treatments.

After urinary incontinence surgery singapore, the patient is relieved and happy to be free of fear and anxiety about losing control during everyday activities such as running errands or working on a project at home by themselves! This can also improve relationships with those around them due to their improved quality of life.

Things To Know Before Surgery:

Your surgeon may prescribe medication for you to take before and after surgery, such as antibiotics or other medications that reduce the risk of infection. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully; it could affect how well your treatment works!


The surgery is a day case procedure. You will usually go home the same day as your operation.

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