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What’s The Hiv? 

Aids means hiv, which in turn causes AIDS. Aids is definitely an incurable sexually transmitted virus that attacks and weakens a persons system of the person. A persons defense mechanisms is really a complex system that fights infection to help keep your body healthy. They…


The 5 Aspects of Medical Fitness 

To be able to correctly design an exercise program we have to first comprehend the five aspects of health-related fitness. they are: 1: Cardio respiratory system endurance – your body’s capability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissues and the opportunity to use…


Easy Fitness – Cereals and Shakes 

Lots of people regard a bowl of cereal with milk and sliced blueberry along with a glass of orange juice because the ultimate breakfast. Surprisingly, this breakfast contains 325 to 500 calories, with simply 10 grams of protein. 1 ounce bran cereal = 75 calories….


Alzheimer’s a Prion? 

You might be wondering exactly what a prion is and why you need to care. Well, your ears might improve a great deal should you hear the language – ‘Mad Cow Disease’. That disease is because a transmissible prion. Prion related diseases happen to be…