How to Make Sure Your Cosmetic Surgery Looks Natural


A lot of people would like to have cosmetic surgery but worry about the overall result. No doubt you’ve seen some poor examples of cosmetic surgery out there, and perhaps been put off getting procedures yourself. However, the good news is that cosmetic surgery techniques are getting a lot better. Here’s how you can ensure you get a natural look.

Work with a surgeon who specialises in the natural look

Most surgeons have an online portfolio where you can see examples of their work. If you’re looking for one that offers natural nose surgery (called เสริมจมูกแบบธรรมชาติ in Thai), take a look at their previous work and see whether it suits the patients who’ve had the operation. Would you be happy with such a result? Also, during your consultation, ask lots of questions such as:

  • How will you ensure a natural look?
  • Will you make revisions if needed?
  • What kind of result can I expect?

Avoid surgeons who try to do too much

You can often spot surgeons who’ll give you an unnatural look during the consultation process. They are the ones who’ll often try to upsell you on things like larger breast implants or additional surgeries. If you feel uncomfortable with what the surgeon is suggesting, then feel free to leave and find another, rather than risking a result you don’t like.

Be specific about what you want

Communication is key during your consultations with your surgeon, as they need to know exactly what you want. You certainly don’t want room for misinterpretation when it comes to something this important. Take the time to explain that you want your look to be as natural as possible, and what exactly that means to you, so the surgeon can discuss whether this is feasible with you.

Do one thing at a time

It’s better to space out surgeries a little to lower your risk, and also, to give you a more natural look. This is because your previous surgery will have time to heal, so you can see what you’re working with before you go under the knife again. Doing multiple surgeries at once can be quite a big challenge for a surgeon, as they all have to work together and look natural.

If you’ve decided to have cosmetic surgery done and want the end result to look as natural as possible, then the tips above can help. Make sure you go with a reputable, qualified surgeon who has plenty of experience for the best result.

Darek Jackson

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