Discover 5 Precautions In The Postoperative Period Of Cataract Surgery


The duration of the operation may vary according to the patient’s case, but it usually lasts about 30 minutes or less, and the patient is discharged on the same day. It is important to emphasize that a specialized and reliable ophthalmologist such as kraff eye institute for example must perform both the diagnosis and the surgery


The postoperative period is extremely important for the recovery and estimated improvement in the patient’s quality of life. The consequences can manifest in inflammation or even injury if care is ignored.

Know 5 Necessary Care After Surgery


For you who like to exercise, no intense physical activity and aerobics for a period. You need to rest and avoid eye stress after eye lens replacement surgery until medical evaluation and authorization.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes!

Not even that “scratch” is accepted. You need to monitor yourself and have the self-control to avoid bringing your hands to your eyes.

Attention At Bedtime

It is recommended not to sleep on your eyes for the first few days. Choose to sleep on your back.

Use The Eye Drops As Directed

Remember to drip the eye drops and pass the prescribed antibiotic and anti-inflammatory ointments. Follow the right dosage and apply to respect the schedules.

No Diving!

Pools, beaches, or even relaxing in your bathtub. Avoid for a while diving and exposing your eyes to bacteria.

If you experience discomfort not alerted by your ophthalmologist, make an appointment immediately.

Main Benefits Of Refractive Surgery

Performed for more than three decades, refractive surgery has evolved and is now considered one of the safest procedures with the lowest risk of complications in medicine. Check out other benefits of performing this type of treatment below.

Better quality of life: by reducing or dispensing with eyeglasses and contact lenses, the surgery can improve the quality of life of the patient with the sharpness of vision compromised by refractive problems.

Simple and safe procedure: As I mentioned earlier, refractive surgery is considered fast, simple, and safe. Therefore, this is considered one of the main benefits of this type of treatment.

Fast recovery: as it is a simple surgery, the postoperative period is generally uneventful and allows the person to return to normal activities quickly. However, it is necessary to strictly follow all medical recommendations for the success of this recovery period.

As it was possible to see, refractive surgery is a procedure capable of correcting some of the most common vision problems without requiring major surgical interventions. But to ensure all the benefits it brings, it is essential to have trained professionals who can transmit security for the procedure.

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