Eggs and its nutrition facts

Egg nutrition facts

The eggs can provide 1/4th of the body’s daily need of protein, one third of the fat, all of the vitamin B12 about 3/4th of folic acid majority of vitamin A and 20% of other vitamins. The iron in Egg Yolk is easily digested and assimilated in the body. Hence eggs are favoured by many sportsman as the easiest and the cheapest source of nutrients.

Egg proteins are considered best in quality and are taken as standard for comparing the quality of other food proteins. Egg proteins have the highest NPU (Net Protein Utilization) and BV (Bio-availability). In simple terms, the protein in egg are better digested, absorbed and utilized by the body than proteins of meat or milk.

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How many calories in egg

The number of eggs one can have per day depends on age, health condition, weight and activity level. If you are young, fit and highly active you can safely have more than 2-3 eggs per day. If you have a sedentary life style and no exercise regime you should have only one egg per day. For obese people, heart patients and those who having high cholesterol levels eggs can be had with doctors / dietitians permission.

Egg is one of the nature’s most nutritious creations. One egg of a domestic fowl contains about 8 gm of with a mere 75 calories. It has about 5-6 gms of fat out of which is 1.5 gm is saturated. The cholesterol content of an egg is high, about 213 mgms.The egg yolk is packed with vitamins and minerals. The powerful antioxidants in the eggyolk- Luetin and Zeaxanthin help protectthe eyes from macular degeneration which is a common cause of vision loss in old people. Eggs can be used for muscle and weight gain.

Should egg yolk be avoided

Every one has a question in mind should egg yolk be avoided. The cholesterol in egg has been a subject of debate for long. Actually our prepares its own cholesterol. When we have a high cholesterol meal the body compensates by absorbing less cholesterol from food and by reducing its own cholesterol production. So normally one does not have to worry about having eggs in moderation.Boiled Eggs can also be used for weight loss which is discussed in foods for quick weight loss

In a small number of people cholesterol control system does not work very well. So if your cholesterol levels are tripping towards abnormal or if your doctors suggest so it is best to avoid the egg yolk. The egg while fortunately contains most of the proteins and none of the fat and cholesterol.