Health Benefits of Lime

Health Benefits of Lime

The lime is the most widely used fruit in the family of citrus and it is also the smallest one. It came from southeast asia . Now a days it is cultivated in so many countries such as brazil, mexico and egypt etc. Now have a look how lime plays a key role in our health.

It looks like a small orange. The pulp of lime taste sour. Lime contains vitamin ‘c’ which is very useful for increasing body resistance and also helps for maintaining the health of the teeth and other bones of the body and it is also plays a key role in loosening of teeth , dental caries,toothache and bleeding of gums and so on.

health benefits of lime Health Benefits of Lime

A glass of water mixed with tea-spoon of lemon and honey is a remedy for cold and cough not only that the same we can take in early morning it is very useful for health and weight loss.They are so many benefits of lime over health. The following are some of the health benefits of lime are:

  1. Weight-loss
  2. Skin care
  3. Good digestion
  4. Eye care
  5. Treatment of scurvy
  6. Piles
  7. Ulcer
  8. Respiratory disorders
  9. Gums and
  10. URinary disorders

 Weight loss:

A glass of water with lime juice in it is an excellent weight loss method as well as refresher and anti oxidant. The citric acid present in lime useful for weight let’s have a 2 glasses every day and check the result.

 Skin care:

Lime oil plays a key role in skin treatment apply the oil externally it restores the skin keeps shinning and protects from infections and body odour due to presence of vitamin c and flavonoids. when it applied on the skin externally it kills dead cells and cures dandruff and rashes etc. It is also used for refreshing bath for this just mixed 2 spoons of oil in water and makes your skin shiny and long-lasting freshness.

Good digestion:

When extra gases are formed in the stomach which leads to pain and forms acidity indigestion problems due to over eating and no perfect time for eating and directly jumped into bed after eating causes indigestion. In order to cure lime plays an important role. If we have lime juice after dinner it helps in regulation of acids in your body but it should not be sour it should be sweet.

Eye care:

Lime contains vitamin ‘c’ which protects eyes from ageing and muscular degeneration and flavonoids helps from infections.

 Treatment of scurvy:

Scurvy is one of the disease which is caused due to lack of vitamin c. We are all know lime contains vitamin c, then it surely cure scurvy. and it also cures frequent infection due to cough and cold. Now a days so many people suffering from scurvy for example the workers who working in polluting environments ,cement factories ,painting shops and nines etc so all them use lemon and avoid scurvy disease.


As we came to know that lime prevents wounds, heels and indigestion and relief f rom constipation also, like that it also eradicates the roots of piles. in so many Ayurvedic medicine lime plays a key role.


we are all know that lime contains vitamin c as well as flavonoids which are used to cure oral ulcers because it contains anti oxidant and anti biotic property so it helps to cure oral ulcer .

 Respiratory disorders:

The oil from lime ie., lime oil which is very useful to cure respiratory disorders due to the presence of flavonoids it is mainly used in medicines such as balms vaporizers, inhalers etc just scratching the peel of lime gives relief from cold and cough problems and also it is used for congestion.

Gums :

The main reason for gum problems is deficiency of vitamin ‘c’ , essentially lime contains vitamin c so it has the ability to cure diseases like toothache ,bleeding of gums and maintenance of teeth etc.

 Urinary disorders:

These are the disorders mainly occur in men above 40, in order to cure this lime is very useful due to the high potassium content in lime which is very useful in the removal of toxic substances and removal of stones in kidneys and infections in the urinary system.