Is Fasting Good or Bad for Your Health

Fasting is good for health, provided it is associated with proper rest to mind  and body.People continue with their hectic schedules during fasting days.This does not impart the full benefits of fasting.Try to fast on holidays, so that you can physically rest your body and also rejuvenate  your mind by reading, meditating or hearing lite music. Fasting should never be associated with travelling,sports, dancing, examinations, or any kind of physically or mentally stressful activity.

fasting dos and donts Is Fasting Good or Bad for Your Health

Is Fasting Good or Bad for Your Health

Total fasting is not advisable from health point of view.The best kind of fasting is going natural in terms of intake.During your fast days try to eat all that mother nature offers us.That is to say have dairy products, lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables.Highly nutritious but low caloried grains like amaranth, varai, oats, barley are also advisable.They are different types of fasting – liquid fasting, vegetable fasting, fruit fasting, total fasting.Preferably, fruit/vegatable/liquid fasting is better.Having vegetable juices while fasting will  be very help full.

Do’s and Dont’s of Fasting:

  • Do drink lots and lots of water and healthy drinks.This helps flush out the toxins in body.
  • Don’t fast if you are ill or if you are suffering some kind of disease with out doctors permission.
  • Don’t take medication while in fasting.
  • Have 2-3 mini meals a day instead of fasting for the whole day and then having a heavy dinner.
  • The meals should be nutritionally rich but less in quantity
  • Fruit, fruit juices, cow’s milk, butter milk, dates, coconut water, boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes are good choices for fasting.
  • Honey combined with lemon water will also be good intake for fasting in giving required energy.
  • If you try to fast with out having any food or drink , it results in over eating which may lead to weight gain and irregular eating
Risks of Fasting:
  • Complete fasting have the risk of fall in blood sugar levels, which results in no energy for tissues.
  • Fasting can lead to fatigue, anemia, irregular heartbeat, body aches, nausea, dizziness, and other bad results also.
  • If the person who is fasting is very thin and have less protein and blood than required levels, it is dangerous.Sometimes, it may lead to death  for such people.
  • The brain and other tissues in the body fail to receive essential sugars by which body’s metabolism is forced to take away required energy from muscle and liver tissues.
  • People who are ill should reduce their weight by maintaining low calorie diet with out totally skipping the meal.