Can diabetics eat fruits ?

Can diabetics eat fruits ? Which fruits can they eat

Managing diabetics health is important. Diabetic people should moniter their eating habits.It doesn’t mean that they should avoid all the food and have only some kinds of foods. They should take nutritious diet and keep them updated with foods with high nutrition values and foods with high sugar levels. They should have high protein foods and foods with low sugar levels or no sugar to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Many old people with daibetics believe that fruits should not consume fruits because fruits contain sugar content.It is only a myth that diabetic peole should not consume any fruit.Truely speaking there are some fruits which are good for diabetic people. Fruits contain nutrition in which some fruits are specially for diabetic people.

How fruits are bad for diabetic people

It is neccesary to take proper diet to control diabtics. I don’t say that they can consume all fruits, it is true that they should avoid some fruits. Fruits that contain high sugars should be taken in less amounts for people with slight diabetic levels. For people with high blood sugar levels these fruits should be completely avoided.

Fruits that are bad for diabetic people i.e., fruits with high sugar levels are Dry fruits,dates, watermelon,grapes, bananas, oranges, watermelon, pineapples, and grapes.So it is manditory to avoid these fruits for people with high blood sugar levels to maintain their blood sugar.

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Fruits Good for Diabetics

Apples contain high fibre and fructose which is good for diabetics. It has been shown that raw apples is having large quatities of pectin can improve glycemic control in diabetics, lowering the insulin needs up to half.┬áThe fructose high fruits are also very much useful to diabetic people as fructose don’t need insulin to metabolize.So, they can be taken by people having peoblems of insulin resistance problems.Eating some fruits witout peeling also helps control diabetics.

Fruits like apple, pomegranate, guava, mango, apricot, kiwifruit, pear, strawberries,avacados and blue berries are good for diabetics. Eating these fruits along with some other foods helps daibetics.  Diabetic people should have high fibre and protein foods avoiding high sugar foods and also unpeeled fruits having high fibre and fructose. Make sure to include all the above fruits in diet to help diabetics  control.