Bow pose (Dhanurasana) Benefits Yoga

Bow Pose also called as ‘Dhanurasana’  in Sanskrit is one of the asanas in prone position. In this asana our body resembles a bow thus the name bow posture. The Sanskrit word ‘Dhanassu’ means bow.

Bow pose (Dhanurasana) Yoga

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Steps how to do bow pose (Dhanurasana) Yoga

  • Start the asana in prone position.
  • In this asana the whole body is streched as bow.
  • Keep both the legs at a distance of 1-2 feet .
  • Deep exhale and while inhaling bend the knees and hold them with hands at ankle.
  • Stretch your body so that you form the arch and body resembles like a bow ready to shoot.
  • In order stretch the body pull the legs up bend the neck backwards.
  • Now try to raise your thighs to reach the complete bow pose.
  • As a beginner do not over do or repeat the asana more than once. On Practice each asana can be repeated 2-3 times but never more than that.
  • In starting try to hold the asana for 10 secs maximum and repeat the asana. Later on practice reduce the number of repetitions and increase the hold tim to 40-60 secs.
  • Deep inhale while exhaling release the pose by taking the hands back to the position and legs on to the ground into prone position

Benefits of Bow pose (Dhanurasana) Yoga

  • This asana helps reduce the fat in the tummy.
  • It gives the benefits of both Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) and Locust Pose (Salabasana) as it is the combination of both the asanas.
  • Some organs function actively due to this asana they are  liver, pancreas, enzyme producing organs, small intestine and big intestine.
  • The arms and legs are also stretched well. The blood flow and circulation also increases in arms and legs.

Precautions  for Bow pose (Dhanurasana) Yoga

  • Don’t try to hold the asana forcefully for long time. Initially you can’t hold the asana for more than 5-10 secs.
  • While in the position don’t bend your neck forward or to either sides which may lead to pain at the neck.
  •  The people with problems like  Tuberculosis in intestine, Back problems,ulcer in stomach, Abdomen problems, Harnia should take doctors advice before practicing this asana.