Coconut Milk the Natural Remedy for Dry and Rough Hair

Good hair is sign of good health and also it is vital beauty factor. Dry hair is problem to many people now-a-days . After exposing hair to chemicals for straightening, perming and others chemical treatments , the hair becomes too dry and its not enough if take just regular care  for hair. Many people face problems of dry and rough hair after chemical treatments because they don’t take extra care needed at that time. One more reason for dry and rough hair may be prolonged exposure to sun directly, Apply too much of henna and lack of proper moisture or conditioning to hair.

Coconut Milk the Natural Remedy for Dry and Rough Hair Coconut Milk and Hair 300x300 Coconut Milk the Natural Remedy for Dry and Rough Hair

After the hair is dried or damaged, we  try different shampoos, conditioners. Mostly they do not work we get tired of them and frustration starts then. Our hair is naturally very good we only spoil them on our own. What is the need of going to artificial remedies when the natural remedies available to us in very economical cost which gives result for sure.

Coconut is very good for hair in the form of  oil and coconut milk. Coconut milk helps to strengthen hair because of its proteins. It also helps to minimize breakage. Coconut milk has good capability which protect our hair and scalp from UV rays.Hair looks soft and shiny after applying coconut milk. It also promotes hair growth and also helps in deep conditioning of existing hair. It stops hair fall .

Coconut milk excellent natural remedy for dry and rough hair to make it soft , healthy and shining. Coconut is available in market in ready to use form or it is very to prepare at home also. Break a coconut, remove the hard part cut the coconut meat in small pieces. Put the pieces of coconut meat in mixer along with water. Mix well pour water until pulp is immersed in water. Take a cotton cloth and put the  pulp in cloth and close the cloth . Squeeze the cloth too hard into a bowl until the pulp dries. You can prepare coconut milk store in refrigerator for 2 weeks.

For  best results it should be  massaged well with fingers into hair and applied to all the hair and scalp. It is also good if we mix it with amla powder and methi powder. Try it know and grab the goodness of coconut.