A balanced diet for health infants

Weaning foods for infants health

When starting the baby on weaning foods it is best to introduce one new food a time. There should be atleast one weeks interval between two new foods. So if the baby has allergy to a certain food or gets stomach upset you will know which food is reponsible.

Egg yolk can be given to the children at the age of 4-5 months. The egg should be hard boiled. This egg yolk should be mixed with some milk before giving. Egg yolk contains fat, iron and vitamins. White of egg can be given after one year of age.

Baby Foods 290x300 A balanced diet for health infants

When introducing weaning food to a infant, start by giving fruit juices of orange, sweet lime, apple atc. Tomato soup, dal soup, rice porridge, rice and moong dal porridge can be gradually introduced. Egg yolk mixed with little milk can be given forĀ infant health. White of an egg should be introduced after one year of age.

After 6 months, sweet porridges made from rice, semolina, ragi can be given to the child. Foods can be gradually introduced and given initially in smaller quantities. Never overfeed the child, rice+dal, boiled smashed potato, sweet potato, pulpy fruits are good satisfying and nutritious foods for infants. Non-veg soups can also be instroduced. As far as possible avoid giving dry fruits. Add some boiled water or milk to pulpy fruits, mix to make a smooth paste and then feed the baby.

When the baby is about 9 months old he/she should be eating along with family. The staple diet of the family should be gradually introduced. Regular foods like kichadi, rice+dal, Chappati with milk or dal, rice + meat /chicken soup, porridges can be given to the child. The child should also be given foods like carrot, dates or bhakari to chew during teething time. But this should be done under supervision.

Toddlers diet

A child grows slower in the second year of his life. So the appetite is also reduced. Most of the food acceptance problems start at this age.Children should share family food at this age.

Toddler with asthma

Italian researchers report that eating just one o range a week can help asthmatic kids breathe easier. Recently long study found that youngsters who eat more citrus fruits (i.e., guava, sweet lime, amla etc.) wheezed and coughed lesser than before